Worried about your teenage son’s growing obesity problem? Well, for starters, get him to give up his videogames viewing and playing habits. A new study conducted by researchers in Hamilton, Canada noted that in many children and youth, tendencies of high videogame addiction ups the risk of sleep deprivation and disorders associated with obesity and poor cardio-metabolic health.

Parents, take note! Playing a serious video game online may help increase fruit and vegetable intake in your children, a new study has claimed.

So you think having artificially sweetened beverages once in a while is no big deal. After all, you don’t have them daily, do you? Well, turns out it causes more harm than what you thought. A new study has shown that pregnant women who drank artificially sweetened beverages were more likely to have overweight infants than those who did not.

Do you want your children to eat more healthy food and less fast food? Researchers have recommended placing healthy food more visibly, attractively and conveniently so that your child can eat and stay healthy.

Worried about sexually transmitted infections? According to a recent study, popping contraceptive pills could protect you against STIs. The McMaster University study in mice suggested that a female sex hormone, estradiol (E2), exerts its protective effect against herpes virus by shifting the immune response in the vaginal mucosa toward a more effective antiviral one.

Women are 1.38 times more likely than men to report neck pain due to cervical degenerative disc disease, researchers including one of Indian-origin have found. Meda Raghavendra from Loyola University in Chicago and Joseph Holtman studied 3,337 patients of which 61% were women.

To identify the signs of obstructive sleep apnea, it is better to visit a dentist instead of snoozing in bed at night. According to a new study, dentists are in the unique position as health care professionals to pinpoint signs of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep due to blocked upper airways.

Parents, listen up. Are you making your toddler an over-achiever? Beware! According to a new study, the increasing academic stress on younger children is likely to be the reason behind the high prevalence of attention-deficit disorder.

Want to work towards a healthier and more productive life? Try controlling the motivational centres of your brain. Scientists at Duke University, using a new brain imaging strategy, have now figured out how to manipulate specific neutral circuits using thoughts and imagery.

Ladies, you may want to include yoghurt in your diet as a recent study has suggested that its daily consumption can reduce your risk of high blood pressure by a fifth. Lead author Justin Buendia from Boston University said that no one food is a magic bullet but adding yoghurt to an otherwise healthy diet seems to help reduce the long-term risk of high blood pressure in women.