Do you often walk around with a ­growling stomach in the office, wondering what’s wrong with your tummy? It could be a case of bloated stomach. If not treated ­properly, the stomach ­bloating can disrupt our daily routine. Its treatment requires a change in diet and lifestyle. But most of us don’t exactly know what those changes are. We spoke to experts to put together easy ways to help you banish the bloat.

With the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) just around the corner, this handy guide by actor and running enthusiast Gul Panag will help you prepare for the race. Panag has been running since she was 15, and has been running the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon since the inaugural event in 2004.

Fitness is a never ending topic of discussion. And if you’re struggling to stick to a fitness regime, here’s one piece of information that is sure to make your day brighter: Have a cup of coffee! No seriously, because according to an interesting study, the use of caffeine could help people stick to their fitness plans.

People who drink sugar-sweetened beverages tend to develop more belly fat, which is associated with a risk of diabetes and heart disease. Middle-aged adults who drink soda and coke every day are likely to have higher amount of a particular type of body fat that may affect diabetes and heart disease risk, a new study has found.

Neuroimaging studies suggest that frontolimbic regions of the brain, structures that regulate emotions, play an important role in the biology of aggressive behaviour. People who are behind rage attacks have smaller “emotional brains,” scientists have revealed, adding that the disrupted development of the brain’s emotion-regulating circuitry in such people put them more at rage and aggression risk.