In the midst of focus on Swachh Bharat sanitation programme, the Delhi and NCR is likely to generate about 1,07,000 metric tonnes (MT) of e-waste per annum by next year from the current level of 68,000 metric tonnes, Assocham said today.

In one program announced Wednesday, some workers can buy a $350 Apple Watch for just $25 by meeting exercise goals for two years. Miss goals, and see your discount shrink. Vitality, a provider of disease-prevention and lifestyle programs, is initially bringing the offer to US employees at three companies, along with John Hancock life-insurance customers. It has been testing the program in South Africa since December.

FBI Director James Comey told a congressional panel on Tuesday that a final court ruling forcing Apple to give the FBI data from an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters would be “potentially precedential” in other cases where the agency might request similar cooperation from technology companies.

iPhone users with WhatsApp can look forward to more features in the new update, including the ability to zoom in on video content. The new version for iOS will also allow users to share photos, videos and documents from third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. However, apps for the cloud services will need to be installed as well.

The ability to broadcast live videos on Facebook will soon be available to Android users. The company has officially confirmed in a blog post that the service will be rolling out for Android devices by next week, starting with users in the US.

In its fight with the FBI, Apple insists it’s defending the privacy and safety of all iPhone users by resisting government calls to help unlock an extremist’s iPhone. And now other big tech companies such as Google and Facebook are rallying to Apple’s side.